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Another Perspective

We all need a fresh perspective in our work, someone to help us think laterally beyond what we do day in, day out. You may have this support in your manager or perhaps a mentor at work.

Not everyone is so lucky. Many communication professionals work in small teams and as they rise to senior levels find themselves reporting to someone who does not understand their challenges.

If this is you over time you can begin to feel isolated in your role. You’re probably overworked with no time for big picture thinking and worried that you are not developing your abilities.

Improving confidence

Imagine how your confidence will improve when you have someone who understands in some depth who you are, your passions, as well as a clear picture of the issues you face and what you want to achieve in your job.

You meet them face-to-face each month, either in person or via skype, for sessions that challenge you to think more deeply about what is important at work.

And they’re available on the end of a phone whenever you need to bounce ideas or talk through a conundrum. They listen, ask questions that help you clarify what you are thinking and feeling, and help you see other people’s perspectives.

Personalised evaluation

To help you work out if mentoring is right for you we start with a private and confidential conversation with lead mentor Jo Ann Sweeney that will clarity your next steps.

You’ll come away with a much clearer understanding of the challenges and risks you face, as well as other activities going on in your organisation that could impact what you want to achieve.

If you do decide personalised mentoring is perfect for you, and Jo Ann believes she can support you,  we’ll agree how often we meet: either a monthly face-to-face meeting or skype call; or an initial intensive half-day or full-day session, followed by shorter monthly meetings.

Challenging catalyst

Jo Ann Sweeney has wide experience of the challenges you face, having worked in multinationals, charities and the public sector in employee communications, marketing and HR roles.

She’s had in-house and consultancy roles delivering training, coaching and mentoring and is used to tailoring all three to the personalities and particular circumstances of the people she supports.

As a big picture thinker Jo Ann sees her role as that of catalyst. She believes most people have the answers locked away inside their subconscious; they just need someone to ask challenging questions that help them think beyond daily tasks and unlock this deeper understanding.

Meet Jo Ann Sweeney

Supporting and encouraging

People she mentors say Jo Ann is great at supporting and encouraging them.

“I’d been in a comfort zone for six years. I knew what I was doing, was confident about my skills and was delivering successfully. To find someone who could help me step out of that comfort zone and still feel secure was very valuable.”

“The ideas and material Jo Ann has provided have certainly helped me increase my profile and generate more work. I now always consult her on all communication matters as she certainly knows how to convey what I would like to put across.”

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Three choices

We have three mentoring/ coaching programmes for you to choose between.

Platinum Pathfinder: Consistent support over six months as you face challenges and make decisions. This is idea if you want accountability, support, connections and encouragement.

Days of Focus: Intensive support for high achievers who want to reach their business goals as quickly and easily as possible..

Engagement Experts: Knowledge sharing mastermind group for people who want more affordable support. Initial commitment is three months and includes monthly skype or phone calls with Jo Ann. Details here

Reserve your place

Are you ready to book your initial conversation and discover if you can be among the handful of people Jo Ann personally mentors each year?

We have two easy ways to book your conversation
By phone - +44 (0) 8771 4050
By email – support@sweeneycomms.com

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