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Trust is at the heart of effective communications. Audiences trust before they believe. Their trust is won through truthfulness, responsiveness, consistency, competence and safety.

Audiences believe messages from people they trust. They quickly spot congruence between what you say and what you do. They value integrity, honesty and truthfulness.

Body language and words that say I'm listening rather than trying to dominate and subdue, signal openness and a willingness to share information and discuss other views.

Consistency and repetition - in messages and media - create a sense of comfort and reliability. Audiences know they won't hear confusing messages, promises will be kept.

The project team as a safe pair of hands, willing to protect, support and encourage those involved in change, creating a safe environment for people to progress along the change spectrum is also key to trust.

We understand these subconscious judgments underpinning trust and know how to help project teams build credible relationships with their audiences so their project wins support and is successfully implemented.
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