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Jo Ann gave me confidence going into interviews; to be myself, prepare well and answer the questions I would be asked; not being overprepared but being natural.

I felt happy as I went through the different interviews because I was managing the conversations as I wanted.

Jo Ann has a structure for the interviewing and onboarding processes. She made notes during each of our zoom calls, which she shared with me so I had material I could go away and work on.

I was able to do lots of reflection about my strengths and areas to improve, as well as the role I would play in the company. I saw the value I could bring to my new organisation.

I had quite a few interviews. Jo Ann helped me prepare before each and then we debriefed afterwards. She challenged me to think about what I could have done better and how to take that into the next interview.

We talked a few times about whether the job was the right one for me, reflecting on if I got an offer would I accept it. This confirmed the role was what I wanted.

I was successful through the interview process; I got an offer and almost half a year later I am happy, still excited and eager to continue learning. It was useful to continue with Jo Ann’s support in my first months as I entered a new company at a more senior level.

She helped me position myself with my new colleagues, managers and stakeholders so I was sending the right messages across and presenting myself properly. Showing I want to learn and give value back.

Many of the learnings and reflections with Jo Ann continue to be applicable to the daily conversations I now have with colleagues and customers.

Ricardo Bittini
Strategic Engagement Executive
United Kingdom


I’m flying on clouds now, having a great time. It was lovely to get such encouraging feedback from the companies I applied to and multiple job offers.

Practising how some of the interview answers were going to land and thinking through how to say information in different ways before I went into each interview was incredibly useful.

Jo Ann was generous with her time, practising answering questions before each interview, giving me feedback in calls afterwards, so I could hear my strengths and weaknesses in turn.

The bit where we uncovered the threads of what I had done before and what my ideal role would be, my ideal culture, was really interesting. Having all this written down and there to refer back to as I applied for jobs, gave me confidence that they were the right jobs to apply for and pursue.

Jo Ann has helped me build my confidence in myself and my ability to do jobs and present myself in a more positive way. I’m a different person now.

Alison McKinna
Executive Director, transitioning across sectors
United Kingdom


Jo Ann gave me one path to follow among the many, so I didn’t get waylaid or confused. It was great having a guide, she was like Google Maps directing me.

I now feel in control, much more relaxed and confident because I have a good foundation for getting my business up and running.

A number of things stand out from our calls. The equity conversation was exactly what I needed at the time; the questions she asked had not crossed my mind and were helpful.

The sales and marketing strategy, with its list of questions that I can tweak, is great. I was using them yesterday with a prospective client. The customer relationship journey I know intuitively, but I’d not had a logical format to map it out until now.

In our first call it felt like I was doing all the talking and then in our second call Jo Ann told me what I’d said would become the content for my website. I thought that was genius; I would not have come up with such great content otherwise.

Eithne Sweeney
Director, Wires Uncrossed
Auckland, New Zealand


It is easy to get caught up in day-to-day activities when working in a fast-paced multi-cultural environment. Engagement Experts has helped shift some of that focus onto the bigger picture and the value an engaged workforce can bring to the long-term success of an organisation.

Having somebody like Jo Ann, with her years of experience, practical coaching style and human touch, has given me the guidance, benchmark and sounding board for ideas that are not easily obtained in the working world.

Working with Jo Ann has confirmed my team and I are in good shape in terms of the support we give our business. It’s also helped me take that support to the next level and given me deeper insights about how to position myself as a business partner.

Liesl Weber
Senior manager, corporate communications
Packaging industry, Belgium


I have known Jo Ann on a personal basis for many years and have used her professional service within the last year.

I knew that I would not be disappointed with her professional standards as she always gives of her best in whatever she does.

I used Jo Ann's marketing services to help promote my business as a lawyer and to promote the firm. The ideas and material she has provided have certainly helped to increase my profile and to generate more work. I now always consult her on all my communications matters as she certainly knows how to convey what I would like to put across.

Joanna Brown
Partner, Beynon Nicholls


As a coach and mentor Jo Ann helped me think through the move from employee to self-employed.

With her help I discovered the environment I’m happiest working in and then she held my hand while I stepped out into the unknown. It was very valuable to find someone who could help me feel ‘securish’ while I took the risk.

I am now in the process of building a portfolio career that will include running a national business awards scheme for UK businesses, delivering redundancy training for public sector workers and helping overseas students find UK degree courses.

Gill Perkins

Jo Ann has helped me cope with a difficult situation at work that was undermining my confidence in myself.

She listens and asks questions that have helped me see the issue from the perspective of people who are very different to me.
I’m wiser in the way I deal with such people as I better understand why they behave the way they do and how to respond constructively plus remain objective.

Elaine Tomkinson
Medical research director, Pharma sector


As a business coach, Jo Ann helped me to develop great ideas and focus on my plans with a logical approach. Through our weekly sessions, I learnt how to prioritise my activities and become more efficient.

At the time, I was going through a challenging period in my live both professionally and personally. Our sessions gave me clarity in my purpose (as a mother, wife and business woman) and strategies to translate my vision into reality.

Our time together was always a great source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support. Jo Ann helped me to think through some major life decisions, including relocating from the UK to take up a high profile role in Ghana.

I would highly recommend Jo Ann to anyone who would like to become more focused, use their time more efficiently and see their vision come to pass. In mentoring, she is fully present, and an insightful and compassionate leader willing to share her wisdom.

Amma Primicino
Managing Director
Azzurro Ghana

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