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People are at the heart of a project - no matter how complex it is. Without their support it cannot succeed.

Yet project teams lose sight of this as they get involved in the detail. Their energy and passion become focused on creating equipment, systems, processes and training. It isn't til rollout that they remember the people.

We believe communications should be an integral part of every project right from the beginning. This helps keep the project centred on business objectives and the triple bottom line.

It also keeps team members connected to people who can influence the success of their project. Senior executives have expectations but they also have other priorities. Ongoing communications ensures their support especially when the project hits difficulties.

People whose jobs will be changed are typically defensive. Good communications over time is the only way to persuade them that the change is good for them, their colleagues and their customers.

Good communications from the beginning is also cost effective. It means no fire fighting at rollout time to get the support you need, more chance of your project becoming business as usual, less chance of costs associated with failure.

More than that, it means executives understand how the project has added value to the organisation and give project team members the recognition they deserve.



Added value

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