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Great communication speaks to people. It catches their attention and makes them want to find out more. Add in empathy to convince them you understand and care.

Change invariably takes people out of their comfort zones, it asks them to give up what they are familiar with and accept new ways of working and thinking. Their natural reaction is resistance.

Turning communications on its head and speaking to people from their perspective makes all the difference. Speaking clearly, using everyday language, including humour, asking for feedback, all help people feel consulted and involved.

Empathy is another key. By listening to concerns, watching reactions, communicating understanding of different perspectives, project teams are able to engage their audiences in the change process and win their support.

We understand the psychology of change. We help project teams move their audiences along a spectrum from resistance, through acceptance, to support. You do need to do this as quickly as possible to minimise slumps in morale and performance.

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