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Shortcuts to Success: Project management in the real world

by Elizabeth Harrin
ISBN 978-1-78017-171-5

Much has changed in the real world of project management since this book was first published back before the recession hit. This second edition tackles the challenges project managers are now facing on a daily basis, providing ideas that are easy to put into practice immediately.

Harrin writes for people who’ve already learnt the theory of project management and want to know how to get things done with fewer resources and more focus on the wider business strategy and social media.

Apply what Harrin suggests to get buy-in from team members and other stakeholders. You’ll be more likely to manage the many small issues that can throw your project off course and also spot and resolve the bigger risks.

She says, “Think of the book as your personal mentor and an opportunity to learn from others.”

Its five sections are organised around the key challenges facing project managers:

  1. Budget variables
  2. Scope assumptions and creep
  3. Relationships with the sponsor, team and other stakeholders
  4. Planning, scheduling and time management
  5. Developing yourself and career progression.

Each section is packed with anecdotes, case studies, golden rules to remember and pitfalls to watch out for. They come from 250 years of accumulated wisdom shared by real world project managers, many of whom I’ve met in person and through social media.

I’m delighted to be included among the contributors, in a chapter on communicating projects of course. Click here to download a copy of my chapter.

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