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Bridging the gap

Between leaders and their people

Most organisations, at some point in their existence, find themselves in a place of intransigence where leaders and workers seem not to be listening to each other.

Often this is during times of significant growth or change. Ways of keeping people connected are no longer working and there is a strong sense of frustration and growing distrust.

This compounds the challenging business issues leaders are grappling with. They know their people need to step outside comfort zones and they’re struggling to persuade them to do so.

Analysis of causes

Sweeney Communications helps organisations in just this situation. Our aim is to work with you develop new ways of connecting people within your company so all sides feel listened to and understood.

Usually we begin with the big picture, asking leaders why it is important people understand and support the business imperatives; as well as asking workers what they most want leaders to pay attention to.

Your responses help us drill down into the emotive (feelings), cognitive (thinking) and behavioural causes of the gap. Together we are then able to recommend actions to help you close the gap.

Practical route-map

We stand alongside as you present these recommendations to your leadership team, helping you explain the benefits and the difference they will make to motivation and morale.

Once we have their support, together we can develop a route-map for implementing the recommendations that you are confident you can deliver with the resources you have.

Should you wish us to, we can work with you to implement this route-map – perhaps because your team is already overworked and needs to concentrate on business as usual – and we can provide ongoing support to monitor the gap.

Collaborative support

You can be sure the analysis will give you a good understanding of the causes of the gap between leaders and workers in your organisation, and that the recommendations and route-map are bespoke to your situation.

Our philosophy is to listen to you and be led by you; we’re not interested in imposing our own ideas though we will encourage you to focus on business need as well as the softer people stuff.

We see ourselves as facilitators with an outsider’s perspective. You know your business far better than we do; we add a deep understanding of human behaviour and attitudes.

About us

Effective solutions

Our communications expertise, strong track record in audits and planning, creativity, experience working at all levels within organisations, and focus on building consensus, enable us to deliver effective solutions for our clients including multinationals, charities and government agencies.

“Jo Ann Sweeney is an outstandingly good communicator who brings strength, depth and considerable experience.”

“From the beginning Jo Ann made considerable efforts to understand the nuances and peculiarities of the organisation first, using this knowledge to achieve success.”

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What is included

  • Audit of attitudes and behaviours
  • Report with analysis and recommendations
  • Presentations to leadership team
  • Support with implementation, if required
  • Support with ongoing monitoring of gap, if required

For more information

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