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3 levers for hardwiring change into your organisation

During change it is incredibly difficult to engage people so they are supportive and get behind us as leaders.

In this interview Diana Barea, Accenture Strategy’s MD for Talent & Organisation, discusses key things for igniting lasting change.

Secrets of companies that are building for the future!

Persuading staff their leaders are making the right decisions for future success, encouraging passionate effort, balancing long term and short term purpose  - are challenges for every business from the largest to the micro.

Entrepreneur Jonathan MacDonald has worked on these issues with almost half the Fortune 500. During this interview he discusses the attributes these evolved employers share.

Technology is only an enabler; culture, environment and leadership style are also critical

Collaboration, collaboration, connectivity, freedom, trust: what gives job satisfaction is not changing. However, technology is changing the way employees expect to work and interact.

HR director Theresa McHenry shares how Microsoft maintains a tech-enabled digital work environment to empower employees.

Something special is going on in tech giants…

Compliance rules are so intense in large organisations that they create an environment of paranoia in the boardroom. Executives close themselves off from employees creating a feeling of them and us.

Bridging this gap is possible with a mix of the latest social media, social skills and a high degree of empathy, believes digital non-exec director Thomas Power. He has been at the forefront of the internet and social media for 20 years and now advises UK and Silicon Valley boards.

Women are no longer willing to fit into the old business rules!

Dealing with team members of the opposite sex can be tricky. You may be worried about offending them, or triggering sexual discrimination cases. Maybe it feels like you keep misunderstanding each other, or they don’t behave the way you expect.

Diversity coach Jacqueline Frost was the first and only female group head on a UK trading floor and has first hand experience of gender issues.

How to galvanise high performance in teams!

When team members feel involved and trusted they go out of their way to improve customer service and reduce costs. They deliver a fantastic result!

Logistics chief Mick Wright knows how to do just this in diverse teams of employees, secondees, volunteers and suppliers. He has led such teams during the Rugby World Cup 2015, London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics and is advising Rio 2016!

Delivery a given

Projects scrutinised to the nth degree for value, managing upwards, rapport based on relationships and trust, are now the norm for programme offices.

Sixteen years within the banking and financial services sector has given executive PMO Sobitha Sashikumar in-depth knowledge of how global projects and operations are run.


Let your imagination run riot

If people don’t know where they are going, why and how they need to contribute, it is very difficult for project teams to be successful.

During this interview Tribal Operations Director Alison McKinna shares her experiences of effective communications during change in the utilities, financial services, insurance and technology sectors.


Best practice in the public and private sectors

 Clarity of purpose, transparency, ethical practices, innovation, creativity and advocacy are strengths of the best communications in private and public organisations.

Sally Sykes is Director of External Affairs at EEF, the UK manufacturers’ association, President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.and one of the most influential PR and public affairs practitioners globally.

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